Lee Labrada’s 12 Week Lean Body Plan Review

Jan 19 2011 by mskaf

Here is a perfect opportunity to learn about fitness, nutrition, and supplements with an Olympian himself, Lee Labrada. I think this is a great chance for anyone starting to work out, as it’s pretty geared towards beginners and also amateurs looking to get LEAN.

Don’t worry, it’s not too late to check in. About 6 weeks ago Lee Labrada started this routine and has been updating it weekly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start from week 1. Sure, he is going to ask you to consider his line of supplements under his supplement guide, but all the content is free regardless of whether or not you choose to even purchase anything from bodybuilding.com.
There are three categories he focuses on, training, nutrition, and supplements. Each is quality filled with full workouts, schedules, meals, timing, and even tips and motivation. Everything you need, and everything you would expect from having a personal trainer, except this personal trainer is an Olympian. It also contains quick links to recipes, so even if you’re not a cook, it makes it easy for you to follow along. Basically, this is a no excuse guide to getting LEAN.

You can learn alot from following this routine and even get to your goals, if your goal is to lean out. If you want to bulk, I would not suggest this work out guide unless you know enough to tweak it so that it is more geared towards gaining mass. The most important feature of this article, and I truly believe this, is the nutrition aspect. He gives a very good breakdown of what your nutrition should look like, including how to eat healthy and clean. I will be going on my 2nd week of this guide and I am noticing very good results. So if you’d like to check this plan out, go to Lee Labrada’s feature on bodybuilding.com